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Alpine Performance - Alpine Restorations Automotive

More power, better economy….

Alpine Restorations offers a Land Rover Remapping service for all makes and models of Land Rover using Alive Tuning remaps.

For almost a decade, Alive Tuning have been pushing the boundaries of Land Rover performance, With unrivalled technical prowess, vast engine tuning and ecu remapping experience, we have the ability to totally transform the heart and soul of your vehicle. We specialise in engine remap tuning for the entire Land Rover range, further enhancing these already incredible vehicles.

Sharper engine response Faster acceleration Smoother power delivery Improved fuel economy

Land Rover Defender Alive Tuning 2.5 TD5 2.2 2.4 Performance Remap puma 90 110

Alpine Restorations Ltd are an official Alive Tuning Dealer and can offer the full package from a mild re-map to a 200+bhp weapon 

gains on the Td5 model are,

Stage 1 typically raises power to around 150-155 bhp with torque in excess of 350Nm

Stage 2 consists of a Remap/Intercooler that will take you to around 170-180 bhp with torque of around 390-400Nm 

Finally the stage 3 with the rest of the Alive tuning products including a Hybrid Turbo or VNT turbo this will give the ultimate Td5 experience delivering well over 230bhp and 450Nm!
we can also offer full stainless exhausts/performance air filters/dealer level diagnostics