Defender 90 110 td5 Galvanised Chassis Supply And Fitting 1

Has your Land Rover Defender chassis seen better days? Why not treat your pride and joy to a brand new galvanised chassis. We have performed many chassis swaps for Defender 90, 110 and td5 using both Richards & Marsland, which are built using Land Rovers original equipment, effectively they are a genuine chassis, only galvanised.

Richards Chassis:

These Chassis are available for Defender 90, 110 and TD5. They are built using 2.5mm & 3mm British steel sourced from the Sheffield area, this is 25% heavier than a standard Land Rover Defender chassis.
Special requirements can be catered for, different mounts, crossmembers, fuel tank positions etc.

Marsland Chassis:

Marsland Chassis come complete with a bolt on gear box crossmember, front and rear anti-roll bar brackets, bolt on rail for rear tub mounts and LH & RH steering damper bracket welded on as standard.

The main legs are built with pressed pieces as original made from 2mm steel with 3mm stiffeners fitted and spot welded internally for added strength where outriggers and suspension mounting points are fitted, effectively giving you 5mm of material where most needed.

Alpine Restorations can simply supply and deliver a Land Rover Defender 90, 110 or td5 galvanise chassis, or we can do the chassis swap for you in our fully insured and equipped workshop.

We take great pride and care in our restoration projects and you can rest assured that your vehicles chassis replacement will be done with the greatest care and attention.

Defenders do suffer from chassis rust and a galvanise replacement will certainly increase the lifespan of the vehicle and protect your investment.
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Please contact us with any inquiries, we are happy to help!